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Pay per file size

Pay only  $ 2.49  for any files up to 10 megs.
For files bigger than 10megs to 50megs, add only $ 0.10 per each additionnal meg .
Counter stops to count at 50megs so max price is limited to $ 6.49 even if the file you need is bigger than 50megs.
All files smaller than 0.5 Mb (500000 bytes) are free.

Scroll down to see sample prices shown below.

We have much more service manuals and schematics in stock than you can see in this site and we add more daily. If there is a manual that isn't listed here, please, click here to fill the request form and we'll find it and upload it here for you. Requester will be informed by email as soon as the file is ready to download. Request a service manual now.

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Once your payment is complete, within few minutes, you will receive an email from PayPal to confirm that the payment is complete and, at the same time, we will email you to confirm that we have received the payment and that your service manual is downloadable immediately from your account area. The link will be active for 5 downloads. If, for any reason, you can't get your download or for anything else , please contact us anytime .

Samples prices

Brand Model File size First 10 mb Balance Add Total
Apex AT2008 6.93 mb $ 2.49 --- --- $ 2.49
Hitachi 50DX10B 13.0 mb $ 2.49 3.0 mb   @ $ 0.10 $ 0.30 $ 2.79
Sony KDL52WL130 26.84 mb $ 2.49 16.84 mb @ $ 0.10 $ 1.68 $ 4.17
Panasonic PT47WX52 34.43 m $ 2.49 24.43 mb @ $ 0.10 $ 2.44 $ 4.93

All files smaller than 0.5 Mb (500000 bytes) are downloadable for free.














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